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Counteracting the shortage of teachers with AI

What tipped the scales in favor of developing an AI-based use case?
I don't think anyone can avoid the issue of teacher shortages at the moment. On the one hand, we have too few teaching staff and, at the same time, current teachers are suffering from an enormous additional workload. And part of this additional workload is also due to lesson preparation. Individual pupils also suffer from this - because it is extremely difficult to do justice to 30 individuals in a class at the same time. We solve this problem with to teach by using artificial intelligence to create individual educational content.

More specifically, we work together with our team of teachers to create didactically prepared educational content, which we then adapt using artificial intelligence. In doing so, we draw on the major language models, optimize them for use in education, link them to our own knowledge databases and have the opportunity to train these models with our community of several thousand teachers.

Our goal is for teachers to save valuable time in lesson preparation while providing personalized educational content for their students.

What expectations or requirements did you have of the AI application?
Our business model is based entirely on generative AI. It's about creating and individualizing educational content in real time. On the one hand, teachers can be relieved and, at the same time, more differentiated education can be offered. This is exactly what we expect from the use of artificial intelligence.

Which partner and which technology did you rely on for development?
At the end of last year, the state of Baden-Württemberg supported us financially through the "BW Pre-Seed" program. This allowed us to focus full-time on the development of to teach. We currently don't need any support for development.

The use of AI solutions must also be accompanied by a change in skills. How have you dealt with this challenge in relation to your employees?
For us, everything revolves around the creation of teaching materials through the use of AI. Every new person who joins the team is trained and works with our tool and AI from day one. This means a certain training period, but so far everyone has been able to acquire the necessary skills quickly.

How long did it take you to implement the AI solution in your company/customer company?
We published to teach in February of this year and have been working continuously on further development ever since.

A summary of your AI solution:
Currently, 10,000+ teachers are already preparing their lessons with to teach. We have also won several awards for our approach and the feedback from the community has been very positive. We are very pleased that to teach offers teachers added value.

A final piece of advice/tip for other entrepreneurs who want to use AI:
Currently, AI is of course a huge hype topic. So you always have to ask yourself: does AI really add value to my solution? Or am I just trying to add another buzzword to my portfolio?