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Strengthening local sales with digital channels

What drove the decision to develop an AI-based use case?

To ensure the company's future viability, Niebel KG sees the combination of tradition and innovation as indispensable. Bernd Niebel, the managing director of the family business, recognized the importance of merging the offline and online worlds. He seized the opportunity to lead the company into the digital era by introducing a new merchandise management system in 2019 and setting up a premium webshop. These measures were taken to remain visible during the difficult times of the corona pandemic, to offer customers a wide range of products and to make Niebel KG even better known in other environments. The development of the digital business model was therefore a response to the challenges of the time. The integration of online platforms, the use of social media and the creation of a strong presence in the digital space are key to increasing customer loyalty, creating new ordering options and driving the company forward.


What technologies, skills and structures were necessary for the development and implementation of the digital/AI solution?

The realisation of Niebel KG's digital business model required a combination of technologies such as e-commerce platforms and social media. Skills in e-commerce, content creation, data analysis and customer communication were crucial. An agile structure and teamwork between those responsible played a role in reacting flexibly to trends and customer needs. The integration of the online store, social media and data analysis enabled a seamless multichannel presence. This helped to successfully lead the family business into the next era.


In what timeframe did you implement the AI solution in your company/your client‘s company?

In 2019, the new merchandise management system was introduced and the web shop was set up.


What is the added value that the digital/AI solution brings?

Niebel KG's digital business model brings with it a multitude of added values that make the company more competitive and future-proof in today's business world. Competitive and future-proof in today's business world. Through the strategic integration of e-commerce and social media, Niebel KG can expand its reach and reach abroader target group than just through its physical shops. The multi-channel presence not only enables customers to shop conveniently, but also to actively interact with the company. This close customer loyalty is promoted through live events, surveys and direct communication via various platforms. The linking of the online shop, social media and data analysis enables Niebel KG to offer personalised recommendations and offers based on individual preferences and needs of customers. This increases not only customer satisfaction, but also increases sales figures. The ability to access the online shop and order products directly via social media channels creates a seamless purchasing process and promotes the generation of online orders. The business model enables Niebel KG to react flexibly to current market trends and customer needs. The use of social media opens up the possibility of sharing content in real time and utilizing a wide range of marketing strategies.


What is the impact of the new digital/AI solution on the customer segment, markets, partners, and company structure?

The introduction of the new business model has a number of effects on various areas of the company. The customer segment in particular is undergoing a noticeable change. Thanks to the increased presence in social media and the expansion of the online shop, Niebel KG can now address a broader spectrum of customers. This leads to increased visibility for the company and an expanded customer base that is no longer limited to the local area. The integration of social media and the increased online presence could bring collaborations with influencers, bloggers or other companies into play. Such partnerships could further increase the company's reach and visibility and lead to a broader customer base.


The content of this use case originally appeared on the website Auf Zum Digital as part of the Digitale Geschäftsmodelle@BW project funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Tourism and coordinated by CyberForum e.V. The full content can be accessed here.




Picture: Niebel KG