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Global and local at the same time

What drove the decision to develop an AI-based use case?

The development of the digital business model at Siccas Guitars was driven by the need to build effective customer relationships and fulfil the diverse requirements of different types of customers. Given the emotional importance of musical instruments, the focus was on conveying these emotions through aesthetically pleasing photos and videos with high sound quality. Another reason for this approach was the desire to be independent of external systems and service providers in order to maintain flexibility and reduce costs. The use of digital media especially social media and online advertising played a key role in going beyond local borders and achieving a global reach. The motivation was to break away from traditional business models and build a global presence through digital innovation.


What technologies, skills and structures were necessary for the development and implementation of the digital/AI solution?

The digital transformation of Siccas Guitars has been realized through a gradual development of skills and the involvement of experts in video and sound recording to present the instruments in the best possible way. Particularly noteworthy is the "Weekly Guitar Meeting" format on their YouTube channel, where new guitars are presented and played by musicians. This serves not only to present the product, but also to impart knowledge about guitar makers and create an entertaining music channel. The company emphasizes the importance of consistent, high-quality work over many years to build awareness and trust. In addition to the sale of instruments, the focus is also on the creation of entertainment content and the use of the guitars in live situations, such as house concerts, which are filmed and shared on their YouTube channel. These videos serve not only as content, but also as a confidence-building measure by showing that renowned artists use and appreciate the instruments from Siccas Guitars.


In what timeframe did you implement the AI solution in your company/your client‘s company?

Siccas Guitars has developed its business model from its inception in 2012, when the founders began collecting historic guitars, to its current global online success with over 450,000 YouTube subscribers.


What is the added value that the digital/AI solution brings?

Siccas Guitars' business model offers considerable added value through the combination of e-commerce and a strong online presence. With over 450,000 YouTube subscribers, Siccas Guitars has achieved a considerable reach as a German channel specializing in high-quality classical guitars. The channel's music videos appeal to a global audience as they have no language barriers. Targeting an international clientele is another important aspect of the business model. Focusing on high-priced products enables the company to reach customers worldwide, which is supported by the effective use of websites. The online presence in different languages makes it easy to offer products internationally. Siccas Guitars has received orders from almost every continent, which emphasizes the global appeal of its range. Over the years, the company has constantly evolved and optimized, with perseverance and the ability to learn from mistakes contributing significantly to its success. The company's vision and constant critical self-reflection have resulted in Siccas Guitars being efficient and successful after more than ten years of operation.


What challenges were overcome?

Siccas Guitars faced significant challenges, such as building trusting customer relationships, managing different customer needs, and conveying emotions through aesthetic presentation. In particular, it was a challenge to find competent employees who were familiar with sound recording and video production in order to present the instruments in the best possible way and strengthen the company's digital presence. By introducing a multilingual approach to their website, the company was able to reach customers worldwide.


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Youtube https://www.youtube.com/@SiccasGuitars


Picture: Siccas Guitars GmbH