Karlsruhe is one of the most important locations in Germany for the development and application of artificial intelligence.

And not just since yesterday: The Digital Hub Karlsruhe builds on the region's unique competencies in the field of applied artificial intelligence. It provides an opportunity for a wide variety of participants to network themselves and their activities to further expand the AI ecosystem in the de:hub region with joint, coordinated offerings. In addition, the Digital Hub partners receive support to increase the international visibility of their offerings.

The goal is to bring AI methods and technologies into use. To achieve this, we rely on strong partners from business, science and education. We are creating the underlying conditions for this. In 2017, we received an award from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy for this. And for this we have also been supported by the state government of Baden-Württemberg since 2019.

Access to digital economy

Events and workshops

Strong networking in one place

Startup programs and AI startups


We focus on a strong network.
Excellent research institutions, business incubators and accelerators as well as established companies can be found within a radius of only 600 meters.
And even beyond the city limits, we successfully cooperate with national and international partners to bring AI successfully into real world application.





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R & D

Applied AI

We make artificial intelligence tangible.
Within the scope of individual workshops, we face your specific problems and together we look for suitable AI solutions.

The Digital Hub Applied AI in Karlsruhe helps you find experts to build up knowledge in your company and/or solve specific problems. In order to do so, we tap into the wide-ranging competencies of our network.

You are not looking for help, but want to contribute to the Hub as a source of competence and become part of the network? Then feel free to contact us using the form below.



From the basics to the individual workshop


Fundamentals of AI
The Digital Hub Applied AI wants to contribute to demystifying "Artificial Intelligence". In low-threshold, accessible and interactive workshops, the audience will learn the basics (history, terminology, functionality) and get an overview of the relevant subfields such as machine- and deep learning. The advantages and opportunities of AI solutions are just as much a topic as their technical, organizational and communication requirements on your company.


Using creativity to find the problem
Once a company has decided to take a closer look at AI solutions, the first question that often arises is which processes or parts of processes would actually benefit from them. For this purpose, existing problems or potential application fields in the company must first be identified.
The Digital Hub Applied AI aims to support companies in this process: in interactive workshops, using various creativity techniques, the relevant company processes are examined together with experts, possible use cases are derived and undergo an initial potential evaluation.


"AI on site" - innovation workshop on problem solving
After identifying a specific problem, the next step is to find and implement suitable AI solutions. The Digital Hub Applied AI assists in finding experts from its network who, in the context of an innovation workshop at the company in question, develop recommendations for solving the problem and/or conduct a systemic examination of company processes that need to be optimized.


AI control center: Enterprise level simulation of the entire supply chain


Learn about the current state of AI in science and business, network and exchange ideas with other interested participants.


AI Radar

AI creates efficiency, means success and concerns us all. But what are the AI technologies of the present, what is already tried and tested, and where does it take more trial and error before a technology is applicable?
The technology radar of the Digital Hub Applied AI Karlsruhe provides an overview for users of artificial intelligence.
The radar shows associated popular concepts such as TensorFlow, BERT or supply chain optimization critically but neutrally. It was developed cooperatively with experts from the Hub network and is based on their versatile and long-standing experience in the application of AI.


Daniel Walther

FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik
Innovation, Demonstration und Transfer
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Josephine Simon

CyberForum e.V.
Innovation & Digital Ecosystems
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Digitization, made in Germany.

The Digital Hub Applied AI in Karlsruhe is part of the Germany-wide Digital Hub Initiative initiated by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. At twelve networked locations, established companies work together with innovation partners from the startup scene and science.

You can find more information at www.de-hub.de.

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