Making the green and digital transformation a reality


In the European Digital Innovation Hub applied Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity (EDIH-AICS), the vision of a secure, sustainable, and European sovereign AI technology in science and economy is to become reality.

To support this vision, the EDIH-AICS will provide the complete set of services, including the necessary infrastructure for local, national, and European small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) startups, and public sector organisations (PSO) to digitize their businesses.

Main objectives of the EDIH-AICS

Based on the strengths and many years of experience of the players in the Karlsruhe region and the state of Baden-Württemberg with regard to AI and cybersecurity, we are active in the following fields of application:

  • Production (AI Engineering)
  • Mobility (Future Mobility)
  • Energy (Zero Emission)
  • Commerce/Services (Sustainable Supply Chains / Business Models)
  • Administration/Municipalties (Innovation processes & Digital Citizenship Participation)

We support SMEs and public institutions in their green and digital transformation by providing:

  • Experimental facilities and workshops to test before invest.
  • Offers for the acquisition and development of skills & training.
  • Possibilities to access further investments and public funding programs.
  • Opportunities to create a strong innovation ecosystem through different networking activities and contact initiations.


Fields of activities and actions

The EDIH-AICS builds on the strengths and long-term experience of the players in the region of Karlsruhe and the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, being AI and cybersecurity in the application fields of production, mobility, energy, commerce/services  and public administration.

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