AI Workshops


AI Workshops
Focus on Use Case: Which concrete use cases for AI exist in your company? How can they be implemented?
Focus AI strategy: How can the topic of AI be promoted strategically?


  • Focus Use Case: Identify concrete AI issues for the company in use cases, convert them into concrete use cases and evaluate initial implementation steps
  • Focus AI strategy: Identify and examine potentials and prerequisites, develop a company-specific AI vision


  • Focus Use Case:
  • Clarify the relevant area of application
  • Analysis of the previous process in one or two areas of application by means of interviews
  • Use case workshop with AI experts to collect ideas and evaluate AI implementation possibilities in areas of use.

  • Focus on AI strategy:
  • Interviews with relevant stakeholders on different areas of an AI strategy
  • Assessment of the AI status based on the interview results
  • AI strategy workshop: Presentation of results + definition of strategic measures to promote AI use (e.g. development of a data strategy for the company)

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