AI and digitalisation examples: Overview

Here you find an overview of the different applied Artificial Intelligence and digitalization examples of our partners.
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Traditional methods for a sophisticated and efficient solution to critical challenges in wind power generation, especially in the monitoring and maintenance of wind turbine blades, are often unable to detect potential damage in time, resulting in significant operational disruptions and increased costs.

trail GmbH


The development of machine learning models (LLMs) involves a great deal of manual effort, partly due to a lack of transparency and (future) complex regulatory requirements (e.g. EU AI Act). The use of LLMs can significantly reduce the manual documentation effort in the development process.

to teach_


Too few teaching staff on the one hand and a high (additional) workload for teachers on the other are increasing the pressure and urgency in this important field. Those who suffer: Not least the pupils. Read this use case to find out how AI can help with this problem.

Sest GmbH


BennoAI can be pre-programmed with answers to frequently asked questions. By combining an LLM trained with company data and the connection to existing systems, it is also able to provide correct answers to new questions.

BotTalk UG


Newspaper publishers are facing many challenges. At the same time, audio content has been growing in popularity for years and is becoming the preferred source of information. How can this shift towards audio journalism be managed effectively?



Efficient cloud infrastructures for a sustainable digital future. Resolving the conflict between high computing power and sustainability requires innovative technologies that improve the climate footprint across all sectors.

askui GmbH

Automatisierung, Simulation


To simulate a tester on different devices, independent of the platform, in order to save manual work

DIQA Projektmanagement GmbH

Modern Workplace, Natural Language Processing (NLP)


Easy Tagging App automates document management.

INIT Individual Software Development & Consulting GmbH

Forecasting / Prediction, Supply Chain


AI control center controls the optimal product mix in real time depending on all value-adding processes and the supply and demand situation in purchasing/sales.

prenode GmbH & Black Forest AI

Success Stories


Two success stories of the Digital Hub as a video interview on the occasion of Web Summit 2020.

FZI Research Center for Information Technology

AI-assisted diagnostics, Research project: Explainable AI


Improving the diagnosis of skin cancer through quantitative, multi- or hyperspectral imaging and subsequent data processing.

Erium GmbH

Expert systems


Modeling expertise and process knowledge of employees.

spotsize & inovex GmbH

Computer Vision


Smartphone camera generates 3D point clouds of the foot via ML and calculates suitable shoe size.

Reasonance GmbH

Forecasting / Prediction


Neural network calculates probability distributions based on high-dimensional temporal sensor data.

Joint project

Construction industry, Research project: Explainable AI


Information preparation and smart processing in the construction industry.